Power BI Content Packs

By Andrew Ardron on Fri 01 September 2017 in Reporting and Business Intelligence

Get instant insights and analysis for your business using our pre-configured Content Packs for Microsoft Power BI


PowerBI is Microsoft's Business Intelligence Tool, and ProspectSoft's Content Packs are a quick and easy way to get started with using PowerBI to analyse the data in your Prospect 365 Solution.

Before you Begin

Before you begin you must have a Power BI online account (powerbi.microsoft.com) and a Prospect 365 account and have authority to generate Personal Access Tokens (PAT's).

Getting a PAT (Personal Access Token)

Everyone wants an open platform, but that doesn't mean it should be open to everyone! Before you can use an OData compatible reporting tool like PowerBI you need to authenticate yourself and then generate a PAT (Personal Access Token). That sounds pretty techy but it's actually very simple:

  1. First of all, log into the 365 portal via https://my.prospect365.com
  2. Use the menu to navigate to Settings / Personal Access Tokens
  3. This table shows you all the PAT (Personal Access Tokens) that you have created, as well as allowing you to view and revoke them.
  4. Click the "Add" button to create a new token.
  5. Select the scope that you require. In this instance you want access to the OData API, then click next.
  6. Give it a useful name (that you will recognise when you look at the list in a month's time and wonder if you should or shouldn't revoke this token!)
  7. Then, consider carefully the expiry date of the PAT, for security reasons you don't want to create every PAT with an unlimited expiry, but if you plan to publish your Power BI, or other dashboards for your colleagues to access, then you probably don't want the PAT expiring as soon as you share it. Renewing the PAT in a year might be the best compromise, or if you want minimal hassle and are confident about how this token is to be used and so aren't too worried about the security implication then select "never" expire. (After all, you can return to this screen and revoke any PAT, at any time, even if you initially set it to never expire)

  8. Clicking "Next" will generate your token. Don't forget to copy this token and keep it safe. Once you close the screen the token cannot be regenerated (although you can revoke it and generate a new one).
  9. Finally, a note of caution - this PAT is like your credit card PIN. Never explicitly share it with anyone, as doing so would allow identity fraud within your organisation... other users who require PAT's should generate their own, using their own credentials.

Accessing the Power BI Content Pack 

Once you have a PAT, connecting Power BI to Prospect 365 is pretty straight forwards.

  1. If you haven't already done so, log into your Power BI Online Account (not the Power BI Desktop App, but your online account at https://app.powerbi.com)
  2. Click Get Data at the bottom of the left hand navigation pane.
  3. Locate the Services box and click "Get"
  4. Search the available Apps for "Prospect 365" to find all the content packs currently available, locate the one you want and click "Get it now".
  5. Power BI then prompts you to connnect to the Prospect 365 OData service. The URL is already set for you enter the login details. Prospect 365 doesn't allow anonymous access to your data (phew!) so choose "Basic" (note - the term "Basic" doesn't relate to the level of security - merely the method of authentication. Choosing Basic allows you to enter your login email address as the username, and your PAT (generated above) as the password. You CANNOT use your standard Prospect 365 password on this screen - we don't allow that as we don't want you sharing your own password, even with Microsoft. Use the PAT token you generated earlier - this keeps your password secret but also allows you to revoke the PAT any time you choose.
  6. If you have accurately copied and pasted your PAT, clicking "Sign In" will (not surprisingly) connect to the Prospect 365 OData service and build your dashboards.
  7. If, for any reason your PAT was incorrect, it runs out (if you enabled it only for a limited period) or if you revoke it, you can update the credentials 


Changing the OData Authentication Credentials

There are times you may have entered the wrong credentials or want to change the credentials at a later point in time.  To update the credentials do the following:

  • Under Settings, click on the Datasets tab. Prospect 365 datasource on the left.
  • Under Data source credentials click on Edit credentials for OData. Here you can update the credentials used. Be sure to select Basic for the Authentication method.